Hornchurch Cottage Homes

In May 1885, Shoreditch began to plan a replacement school for its pauper children. It decided to adopt a cottage homes scheme which would provide accommodation in a 'village' of small houses in a rural location. In 1886, it paid £6,300 for an 80-acre site at Hornchurch in Essex. The scheme, designed by Francis J Smith, was finally approved in July 1887 and the building contract agreed for £48,340. When the homes opened two years later, the final cost of the buildings and fittings was £55,639. A further £10,230 was spent on additions and alterations between 1893 and 1895.

The scheme, which was organised in the style of a village 'street', included eleven detached two-storey cottages, each of which housed 30 children, and a probationary lodge with 14 beds. There were separate schools for boys, girls and infants, a swimming bath, band room, stores, needle-room, workshops, and infirmary.

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