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Welcome to the third Thames Chase Plan which looks ahead to the next decade of Community Forest delivery until 2024. The Plan has been produced by the Thames Chase Trust and supersedes the previous, second edition produced in 2000 as a tool to support land use planning and wider Community Forest development.

A new Plan has become necessary in order to advocate the links between Community Forestry and contemporary themes such as green infrastructure, climate change, public health, localism and economic growth. There is also a pressing need to bring the Plan up to date to reflect changes in the planning system. Thames Chase requires a current planning document that relates directly to the statutory plans of each local authority, re-establishing the role of Community Forests in local strategic planning. The Plan also has to consider significant changes in Thames Chase governance resulting from its transition from a public-sector initiative into one championed by a charitable trust, with all the challenges and opportunities that this brings. This Plan marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Thames Chase!

The new Thames Chase Plan maintains the original commitment to developing strategic woodland, habitats and access on a forest-wide scale. However there is a stronger emphasis on area-based project delivery that translates forestwide ambition into tangible, quantifiable initiatives on the ground. This draws on the area-based approach of the All London Green Grid (ALGG) Area Framework 3 (Thames Chase, Beam and Ingrebourne) which ensures consistency with adopted London guidance yet enables an established methodology to be used for the Community Forest within Essex.

The purpose of the new Thames Chase Plan therefore is:

  • to reintroduce the Community Forest concept and the benefits it will bring to East London & South Essex;
  • to describe the area now recognised as Thames Chase;
  • to identify strategic objectives and opportunities to achieve a Community Forest in this area;
  • to complement the statutory plans of the four Thames Chase local authorities;
  • to promote a rolling programme of projects for which funding is sought
  • to explain the governance arrangements for Thames Chase that will support co-ordinated delivery
  • to encourage all communities to get involved and play their part.

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