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This is the home of all bird related information for Thames Chase.

From here you can access sightings and information on bird species found at Thames Chase, and find out more about bird behavhiour and the science behind the animals.

Birds are a fascinaton that captures the imagination in us, the art of Bird Watching has always been very popular,

and here at Thames Chase, we are proud to have such a large species range to share with the community.

Explore the sightings page to find further details on where and when to find certain species.

Bird Boxes Spring 2017

The wildlife team have been busy preparing the nest boxes for the coming breeding season.  Unfortunately, the little owl box has already been occupied by squirrels but other than that we are ready to go.

Bird boxes number six, ten, fourteen, seventeen and eighteen are already being tried out for size by Blue Tits and Great Tits.

There is a map of the bird box locations, if you see any activity in a bird box please update the nest box log which can be found in the Forest Centre.

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