A fantastic range of insects are found in the community forest.

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Bumblebee Project

Bumble Bee Conservation Trust will be working alongside Thames Chase in a new partnership which will aim to monitor, preserve and increase bumblebee numbers on all our sites. BBCT (Bumble Bee Conservation Trust) runs a national bumblebee recording scheme called BeeWalk. Some BeeWalk transects will be set up on key sites and volunteers will be trained to do the monitoring. This involves a monthly survey from April - September.

Stay updated with events such as talks and guided walks by following our website calender. This will help to raise community awareness about bumblebees and what people can do to help them.

The project will involve habitat management for bumblebees included targeted work for rare species. South Essex (and the Thames Estuary in particular) is an important area for several rare bumblebee species including the shrill carder bee Bombus sylvarum, which is the most threatened bumblebee species in England and Wales. We hope to explore opportunities for targeted habitat creation or restoration for bees and other pollinators on Thames Chase Community Forest sites.

There was a Bumblebee Training day on the 16th August to find out more follow this link: Bumblebee Training day

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