Hedge Laying at Bedfords Park
Hedge Laying at Bedfords Park
Hedge Laying at Bedfords Park
Hedge Laying at Bedfords Park

Project: Hedge Laying at Bedfords Park

Location: Bedfords Park, Lower Bedfords Road, Romford. (OS grid ref: TQ514/916)

Client: LB Havering

Activity: Pruning of blackthorn hedge prior to pleaching* and laying over and weaving between hazel posts. Also using hazel ‘heatherings’ (thinner branches) to dress tops of posts and to tie together. (Hedge Laying)

(The hazel posts and heatherings used here and on the private land job were harvested from the coppice work carried out here at the centre as part of our annual coppice work with the Forestry Commission.)

*Using axes, billhooks & bowsaws to remove enough from the base of the tree to allow it be laid over without snapping. The hedge is a ‘live’ hedge ad will continue to grow sideways as well a send new shoots up from the pleacher.

Aim of the project: To open up the view into the meadow where LHB have recently introduced cattle grazing. Also to tidy up overgrown blackthorn hedge and to improve general appearance.

Who benefits?: Local community

Result: Work carried out in Jan 2015

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