Finished Pond
Restoring the pond
Restoring the pond
BeClearing the outside classroom area
Clearing the outside classroom area
Finished outside classroom

Location: Hilldene Primary School, Grange Rd. Harold Hill.


  • Clear and renovate a neglected nature area - by clearing and restoring old pond, digging and installing new wildlife friendly pond.
  • Clear overgrown area and create an outside classroom by constructing and fixing seating.
  • Create 2 raised planters.

Aim: To make a wild life area that can be used for education and with later planting attract insects, birds etc.

Who benefits: The staff and pupils.

Results: A derelict area has been transformed and bought back into use in a wildlife friendly way.


Notes: A three day job. One day in July which was mainly clearing and 2 days clearing and constructing in October.

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