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Forest Centre updates for the Winter Season

From Sunday 29th October opening times - 10am-4pm daily 

On Wednesday 1st November car park contribution will change from £2 to £1 

Sunday 29th October will be the last day cycle hire is available before it is closed for the season


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Forest Centre Updates for the Spring Season

Updates to opening hours, parking charges and cycle hire for the spring season.


Warley Place - Spring Bulb Spectacular

See the daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops and bluebells in bloom!


Harryhausen Exhibition at Valence House

Experience the wonder of the iconic Ray Harrhausen models at the upcoming exhibition "Dinosaurs, Harryhausen and me: How a Dagenham man made history in Hollywood" at Valence House, Dagenham.


Black Poplar sapling planted in Parklands

A rare 300 year old Black Poplar recently blown down in Parklands has been replaced by Thames Chase.


03/03/18 **Weather Update**

The Forest Centre and car park are closed due to adverse weather conditions, apologies for any inconvenience caused.