Black Poplar sapling planted in Parklands

Black Poplar sapling planted in Parklands

A rare 300 year old Black Poplar recently blown down in Parklands has been replaced by Thames Chase.

Black Poplar sapling planted in Parklands

A rare 300 year old Black Poplar tree growing in Parklands, which was blown down in the recent high wind, is to be replaced by female Black Poplar trees grown in Thames Chase Community Forest’s recently refurbished tree nursery.

When Roy Brand, Chairman of The Friends of Parklands, was told about the Thames Chase Black Poplar project, he contacted Thames Chase and asked for a replacement sapling. Dave Birrell, conservation leader at Thames Chase, arranged with Parklands to plant a sapling of this fast-growing tree from the tree nursery.

The Black Poplar, also known as the Water Poplar, is an endangered native British tree species with only around 8000 trees in the country, only 200 of which are female Black Poplar trees. The four year Thames Chase project aims to successfully plant 200 female Black Poplars in the Community Forest area by 2020. So far we have grown 40 cuttings, obtained from Dagenham Chase’s Black Poplar Wood, into saplings ready to plant in selected locations within the Community Forest.

Parklands’ rare 300 year old Black Poplar tree was recently blown down by strong winds.

Female Black Poplar saplings growing in the Thames Chase tree nursery.

Thames Chase conservation volunteers joined volunteers from Parklands in planting a young Black Poplar tree in Parklands.

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