Our annual Art Exhibition has now finished for another year. A big thank you to everyone who visited 'Interpretations' and to the artists for displaying their stunning work. 

The feedback we received this year was wonderful, please see comments from visitors below:

"Lovely exhibition. Wonderful local artists who probably go unappreciated most of the time."

"Another great year of artwork. Hope there will be another year to follow."

"Surprising, interesting and a lot of talent on display."

"Excellent exhibition. Beautiful sculptures and artwork. Very talented artists. Thank you."

"Amazing works of art, enjoyed looking at them all."

"An absolute joy to see local artists' work displayed, in a very pleasant space."

"Some lovely work...especially The Eagle! Brilliant, inspiring..."

"Excellent art, very talented people. There are some exceptional pieces here, lovely acrylics, a few well worked oils, and a fantastic bald eagle!"

"Very impressive art work. It was inspiring and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon from Leicestershire."

"Great exhibition with a good variety of artists and nice to see a couple working here. Thank you."

"Wonderful exhibition, so lovely to meet and talk to James Merriot who I watched working. Marvellous, I will come back to see more work."

"A great selection of artists' work. Loved looking around it!"

"A lovely show - something for everyone!"

"'Britain's Got Talent' - Essex certainly has! Very interesting range of artists' styles and media."

"We visited on Wednesday and enjoyed some lovely discussion. Nice display" - Cranham Art Society

"These pictures make me think 'one day I will take up watercolours!'"

"Great! Very enjoyable and inspiring."

"Wonderful range of talent!"

"Most enjoyable exhibition. Keep them coming."

"Lovely exhibition! Great centre. Thanks very much."

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