Tree saplings for sale

Purchase a sapling grown in our tree nursery for your garden

Community tree nursery sells saplings to the community

While all has been quiet, we have been busy at Thames Chase developing our offering and we are starting to sell some trees to the community.

We have a wide range of woodland trees and shrubs on offer including alder, bay laurel, beech, black poplars, blackthorn, burnet rose, Chinese quince, elder, field maple, hawthorn, hornbeam, horse chesnut, oak, wild cherry and silver birch to name just a few. The trees can be served for autumn planting.

Already some of our saplings are starting to find new homes, with these saplings on their way to members of our community.

Please contact Alex Hewitt for more details at or ring him on 01708 642973 between 2pm and 4pm on Wednesdays.

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