BioBlitz 2019

Join us for a citizen science project at the heart of the Thames Chase Community Forest

Part of the Mayor of London's National Park City Festival.

98 species were identified in the 2018 BioBlitz - we need your help to take us to three figures!

From creepy-crawlies and woodland beetles to glorious bees, butterflies and other summer pollinators, the 2019 BioBlitz is a great chance for the whole family to get hands-on in the quest to support biodiversity across the Community Forest.

With identification hotspots across the Broadfields site - home of the Forest Centre - this year's event will add to the rich data from 2018 to build up a better picture of the wildlife that calls this place home.

Specialist activities schedule

All activities are drop-in, and start from basecamp. Please aim to arrive five minutes before scheduled start time.

10:00 - Meet the moths.
We'll be hanging our special (humane) trap overnight on site to see which of our nighttime flutterers find their way in - once recorded, we'll let them go back into the wild.

11:30 - Riverfly review.
With a specialist instructor, head down to the stream at the north side of Broadfields to see which buzzing insects can be spotted on site.

13:30 - Reptile discovery. 
Over the last week we've put down some special metal mats to attract our reptilian friends out of hiding. Will there be any lurking when we go for a special guided walk?

Check out some of what we found at last year's event.

This event is coordinated by Land of the Fanns.

Interact on social media using the hashtag #TCBioBlitz.

Register in advance for free.

If you can't make the BioBlitz on 21 July, check out the event on 10 August at Davy Down.

Market day

In addition to the BioBlitz, the July craft market is taking place in the Essex Barn and Education Room.

Pop along to peruse a range of locally-made works, ranging from candles and crochet to woodwork and whittling. 

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