Guided walk - Behlus Country Park, September 2019

Belhus guided walk - September 2019

This guided walk will explore the beauty and history of Belhus Country Park

Meet at the car park at Belhus Country Park, near the visitors' centre.

The route will be about 4.5km taking 2.0 - 2.5 hours.

Going first across Aveley Road through Whitepost Woods, which should start to be carpeted by fallen chestnuts then back to the visitors centre.

From there we will go up the main path beside the recently coppiced and replanted woods and play area, then left beside the first lake through Whitehall Woods.

Crossing Green Lane 264 into the meadows and walking between the second fishing lake and the conservation lakes, coming back to the top end of the first lake.

From there we will enter the Little Brick Kiln Woods crossing Running Water into Brick Kiln Woods and across Belhus Chase.

Entering Running Water Woods, taking a path to the Memorial Garden, then back through the woods to the visitors centre.

Throughout the walk you'll also learn about the history of Belhus Palace as well as the wildlife and management of the park.

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