Rabble at Broadfields - August 2019

Rabble at Broadfields

Get healthy, get fit, and do it for free

On 29 August, our partners at Broadfields Forestry England are hosting a Rabble - a free health and fitness event for families.

Whether you're an experienced HIIT-er or a novice to workouts, there's something for everyone throughout this fun day.

11:00 - Kids Bootcamp (aged 5-15)
With a range of training equipment and challenges, this fun session promises to get kids' hearts pumping and muscles moving - especially the cheek muscles with all the smiling, giggling and cheering!

12:30 - Family Rabble (aged 5+)
Put your grown-ups through their paces and see who is better - adults or kids - as the family come together to compete in the ultimate fun fitness session. Feautring games such as dodgeball, donkey tag and British bulldog.

14:30 - Body Blaster Bootcamp (Adults only)
Leave the kids to one side - this one's for the bigger boys and girls! A full-on session to put your body through its paces, featuring running drills, circuits and stretching. Think you're up for the challenge? You wouldn't want to disappoint the children, now, would you...?

See what a Rabble looks like.

For more information, and to book onto the sessions, contact Mandy Edwards on email or via: 07775 745908.

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