Summer holidays activities 2019 - moths and butterflies

Moths and butterfly identificaiton

Join local expert Tony Gunton on a journey of discovery

It's the best time of year to find butterflies and moths around Broadfields - over 30 different species were identified at the #TCBioBlitz in July - and so we're inviting youngsters to join us on a journey of discovery to see how many fluttering friends we can spot around the site, while also learning how to differentiate between similar species and finding out where their caterpillars and cocoons can be found.

With local expert Tony Gunton, who is also the warden at Cranham Marshes Nature Reserve.

How many different species can we find? Be sure to bring any pictures of interesting species you may have seen in your gardens too.

Suitable for children aged 4-10 years old. Parental supervision required.

£3 per child.

If you're interested in this type of event, be sure to check out the next BioBlitz at Davy Down on Saturday 10 August, which will be the first at the site.

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