Grangewaters is a year-round outdoor education centre set in a semi-rural location within Thurrock.

The site of over 70 acres includes areas of managed and natural woodland, 2 lakes and open grassland as well as activity areas, accommodation and administrative facilities.

Grangewaters offers a range of activities, from mountain biking and orienteering on land, to windsurfing and kayaking on water. All activities cater for all ages and abilities. Equipment designed for people with special needs includes: dinghies, tricycles, a wheelchair bike and canoes.

If you want something less strenuous and more relaxing, feel free to visit Grangewaters just for a gentle stroll or cycle around the lakes, woodland and grassland.

Opening Times:


Features of the park include:

  • Site Area: over 70 acres
  • Parking: 8am-dusk
  • Many Activities including:
  • A range of specialist equipment is on hand, such as hoists and activity equipment designed for people with mobility issues.
  • Accessible accommodation is available for residential visits.
  • Path Length: 2.4km, Pedestrians and cyclists
  • Path Conditions: Accessible –, Unsurfaced – 2km  

Public Transport:

  • Nearest Train/Tube: South Ockendon, 3.3km
  • Nearest Bus: 1.6km        
  • Bus Number: Arriva 370

Contact Information:

Grangewater Outdoor Education Centre
Buckles Lane
South Ockendon
RM15 6RS

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