Accessibility at Thames Chase

Thames Chase Trust strives to make the Community Forest accessible to people of all abilities

Promoting access for all

Thames Chase Community Forest has, from its inception, actively promoted access for all to the green environment through its network of green spaces. The aim has always been to offer local communities a place for healthy exercise and enjoyment.

Thames Chase Trust are committed to making the Community Forest as accessible as possible to all, and at our Forest Centre we have free disabled parking spaces, power assisted doors, wheelchair accessible toilet, quiet room, and an adapted bathroom, with shower facility, drop-down bed, enlarged toilet and changing room, and an adjustable electric hoist. Our paths are safe and wheelchair accessible, and between April and October, we have a range of adapted bikes for cycle hire.



Adapted bathroom

The Forest Centre bathroom facilities were upgraded in 2018 to include an adapted bathroom, thanks to generous support from organisations including the City Bridge Trust and Positive Parents, and regular events such as the Thames Chase 10k and family fun run.

The adapted bathroom, which is signposted across the Forest Centre, includes a shower facility and manual drop-down bed, an enlarged toilet and changing room, and an adjustable electronic hoist.

The room is situated at the back of the Broadfields offices, and is adjoined to a quiet room, with space for individuals to find some serenity if they become over stimulated, and overlooks the Thames Chase tree nursery.

We are always looking to improve these facilities in order to make the Community Forest, and the Forest Centre, accessible to people of all abilities.

The next stage of this project is to raise money for an electronic bed for the wet room facility, which will enhance the experience of people using the space.


Adapted bikes

In addition to the adapted bathroom, we have joined with Positive Parents to include adapted bicycles for cycle hire. There are different types of bikes, for people with differing ranges of physical ability.  


The pathways across Forestry England’s Broadfields site that surrounds the Forest Centre are safe and accessible for all cyclists, buggies, wheelchairs, mobility vehicles and scooters, as well as for walkers, runners and – where signposted – bridleways for horse riders.

This is part of our commitment at Thames Chase Trust to ensure that the Community Forest is accessible to as many people as possible. 

We are always looking to improve these further so if you have any suggestions or would like to leave a donation to help support our aims, please get in touch or visit our fundraising page at Just Giving.

For any queries about our facilities please feel free to email us at or call us on 01708 642970.

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