This large 70ha (175 acre) site is a mixture of formal sports pitches and informal open space sloping down to the River Beam. This recreation ground supports a variety of activities including football, and model flying. There is also a large lake surrounded by mature trees.

The river here contains curled and fennel-leaved pondweeds (Potamogetoncrispus and P.pectinatus), while emergent vegetation is dominated by branched bur-reed (Sparganiumerectum) and Indian balsam (Impatiens glandulifera). This section of the Beam supports a good population of water vole, a UK Biodiversity Plan priority species.

Riverside vegetation grades through a zone of nettle (Urticadioica) into a large area couch (Elytrigiarepens) and false oat-grass (Arrhenatherumelatius) grassland that includes a variety of coarse herbs at fairly low abundance. The grassland is likely to be of value to small mammals, and birds favouring open conditions such as meadow pipit and skylark, and to a range of common invertebrates.

Large areas have been planted with a variety of native trees and shrubs, presently young and semi mature. These areas are rich in berry-bearing species and doubtless enhance the site for birds.

The large angling lake in the south of the site represents a significant body of standing water in the borough and attracts great crested grebe and kingfisher, and is probably of value to wintering wildfowl. The margins of the lake have small amounts of willow (Salix sp.) scrub, common reed (Phragmitesaustralis) and other emergent plants, and small areas of wet grassland.

The site has free public access and is well used.

Features of the Park include:

  • Site Area:70 hectares (175 Acres)
  • Site Type: Park/Recreation
  • Site Users: Pedestrians
  • Path Length: 4.8km, (Rough – 1.8km, Unsurfaced – 3km)
  • Parking: Free car park

Public Transport:

  • Nearest Train Station: Elm Park, District Line
  • Nearest Bus stop: Wood Lane
  • Bus Number: 165

Contact information:

  • Site Management Organisation: London Borough of Havering
  • Site Manager: London Borough of Havering Parks Service
  • Phone: 01708 434743
  • Email:

Rainham Road
South Hornchurch
RM13 7LP

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