Thames Chase Black Poplar Project

RSPB, the Woodland Trust, and the Forestry Commission all agree that the Black Poplar is an endangered native British tree species. Most estimates put the population of these trees in the region of only 8000 of which only 200 are female Black Poplar Trees.

The Aim

The aim of this project is twofold.

  • Firstly to have at least 200 female black poplar saplings growing in the Thames Chase Community Tree Nursery by 2020 and to distribute these, free of charge to suitable sites.
  • Secondly to raise £2000 to complete the refurbishment of the Thames Chase Community Forest Tree Nursery to enable full public access and fulfil the educational function of the Community Tree Nursery.

The Method

  1. Ian Hunt and Peter Tomlins to obtain cuttings (January/February) and seeds (June/July) of female trees from a known local source.
  2. The cuttings/seeds to be planted in the tree nursery and success numbers monitored.
  3. Saplings to be distributed, with advice from interested parties, in the local area.  

Update Spring 2017

  • A few small plants from cuttings are now rooted in water.
  • There are many larger cuttings in pots of soil which are due to be potted on into single pots in the Tree Nursery.

How you can help:

Donate to the project:

  • At reception at the Forest Centre
  • Phone: 01708 642970
  • Email:

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