Horse riding is welcomed in Thames Chase.
Below highlights all you need to know about horse riding throughout the Thames Chase sites.


Whilst riding is permissible on Thames Chase sites, a rider code applies:

  • Riders may walk or trot on the marked trails, no cantering or galloping.
  • Riding is permissible on any grassed sites within Thames Chase.
  • No riding on the pink paths, these are for pedestrians.

Bridleways and linking of the sites

All of the sites are linked to each other often by bridleways. For a map of these click the links on the right hand side of the page.

  • Pages Wood

There is 2.2km of riding on this site. A short bridleway north links the site to Harold Court Woods.

  • Harold Court Woods

The riding on this site includes 1.3km. A short bridleway south links the site to Pages Wood. There is also a link to Nags Head Lane to Tylers Common.

  • Tylers Wood

From Tylers you can ride through to Warley and Beredens Lane via a permissive route through Combe Wood onto Codham Hall. Tyler Common is also a short distance away.

To the north are Jermains Wood and Wormwalk Shaw, while over the M25 via the Bridleway Bridge are Bridge Wood and Jacksons Woods. There are various other links from our sites to other bridleways and horse friendly routes.


No lorry or trailer parking is available on any Thames Chase sites (excl. Belhus?)

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