Health and wellbeing

Discover the range of health and wellbeing activities that take place at the Forest Centre

Health & Wellbeing

Relaxation exercises can help offer a sense of space and feeling of health and wellbeing, whether at home or at the centre.

At Thames Chase we offer a range of classes for meditation, yoga and forest bathing. We have adapted our programme due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and offer a mix of small or outside classes aswell as practices you can follow in the comfort of your home. Please see our YouTube channel for activities you can follow from home.

We are continously updating our offering, please check our social media pages for latest information.



Yoga Sequences, Mindfulness, Wellness & Awareness for Health

This class is an opportunity to explore yoga sequences designed to improve our overall physical and mental health.

Other practices will include mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises to support the respiratory system and experiencing nature through silence and stillness There will also be an opportunity to spend some time exchanging our own ideas of good practice and looking at the origins of Yoga and how it can help us today in 2021.

Benefits include: improving flexibility, strength and balance; supporting the respiratory system; improving concentration through self awareness, learning about the healing power of nature and practising self compassion.

All abilities are welcome – no previous experience needed

Please note you will be guided through the sessions by British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Jill Luff and experienced meditation practitioner Peter Tomlins

More information on next course coming soon.

Booking is through the Visitor Centre Reception on 01708 642970 or email


Traditional hatha yoga and meditation

Whether for the breathing exercises, the body toning or the combination of both to help you get back to you, these weekly sessions are perfect for stress relief and improving your health and wellbeing. All yogic abilities supported, beginners welcome.

Current timetable 

More information on next course coming soon.


Advanced booking and payment, £10 or £9 monthly class passes.

Booking essential - contact Paula on: 07958 682172 or by email.

Both series are hosted in the Ford Education Room at the Thames Chase Forest Centre, by Paula Restrick, an experienced yoga teacher and holistic health therapist, specialising in Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra, as well as Mindfulness Meditation.


Wellbeing & Tree Walks

A guided walk around Thames Chase with friendly discussion where you can learn about how nature can impact your health. We will also help you with your tree identification skills, pointing out some of the best examples of various species.

Every Thursday, 10.30am - 11.30 am starting outside the Thames Chase Forest Centre.

The walks will last around an hour and be focussed on developing tree identification skills, discovering perhaps not-walked-before trails at Thames Chase Forest Centre and learning how to relax and be at peace when in an outside space. Tea and biscuits are offered afterwards, free of charge.

Suggested donation, £4 per person.

The group size will be limited and sessions need to be pre-booked.

To book either email or call the Forest Centre on 01708 642970.



Meditation classes are not running at the centre currently, but please click the image above to experience a guided meditation for physical relaxation by tutor John London BWY on our YouTube channel. 

When we return to classes at the centre, you can start fresh for the month and experience relaxation in natural surroundings at Thames Chase Forest Centre with sessions led by experienced tutor John London BWY.

More information on next course coming soon.

Ring for a place on our next course: 01708 642970 or  07785 901 886

Why would you want to learn how to meditate, or relax well? 

Why would you think that it is difficult to learn, these questions can be answered by trying for yourself!

Each week we meet as a group of people embarking on a journey for each person, why not join us?

You will be guided on a passage of mental exercises by an experienced teacher.  No stress, no fuss just easy relaxation techniques and exercises that everyone can master. No prior experience needed.

“The benefits of meditation on overall mental and physical health have been demonstrated in a wide range of scientific studies. Despite this, you might still be a little sceptical about meditation. When the word is mentioned a whole cascade of stereotypes can spring to mind: Buddhist monks, yoga classes, lentils, brown rice . . . So, before we proceed, we’d like to dispel some myths:"

Peace of mind and tranquillity of thoughts, is a right, that everyone can achieve without too much cost, effort or training.

Meditation is not a religion. It is simply a form of mental training that has been proven in countless scientific trials to help people cope with pain, illness, anxiety, stress, depression, irritability and exhaustion.

Meditation will not trick you into passivity or resign you to your fate. On the contrary, mindfulness boosts mental and physical resilience.

Meditation will not seduce you into adopting a fake ‘positive’ attitude to life. It simply creates a form of mental clarity that helps you to enjoy life and achieve your goals.

Meditation does not take a lot of time in fact it can take around twenty minutes per day, many people find that it liberates more time than it consumes because they spend far less time having to cope with chronic pain, illness and stress.

Meditation is not difficult or complicated, although it does require some effort and persistence. You can meditate on more or less anything. You can also do it virtually anywhere – on buses, trains, and aircraft or even in the busiest office.

You will be amazed how simple the whole process is.

John also runs weekly traditional yoga and meditation sessions via Zoom.

Visit his Facebook for more information or click here to sign up for more information.


Yoga for all

Weekly Yoga classes

We're delighted Janet Tibble Yoga is returning to Thames Chase Forest Centre with the 10am mixed ability Thursday class first established here 11 years ago. If you would like to join this friendly group, please email

Prefer an evening class? Janet Tibble Yoga is also at Coopers Coborn School in Upminster on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.

Visit, email or call or text 07920237666 for more information.


Relaxsingh at the Forest Centre

Relaxsingh are not running classes at the centre currently, but watch this space for latest news.

Emma Singh joined our programme of talented health and wellbeing coordinators at the Forest Centre in Autumn 2019. 

Book online via the Relaxingh website


Forest bathing

The Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku - or forest bathing - is increasingly popular in the UK and has been shown to be an effective stress relief technique, helping people reconnect with the natural world around them.

Whether it's through taking a mindful walk through the woods, pausing to breathe in the forest air while on a stroll, or even by sitting by a tree when having a picnic or lunch, studies have shown the powerful effects of relaxing in a serene natural environment.

Across the Community Forest there are hundreds of places that people can walk through to practice this technique.

Here's a handy guide produced by our partners, Forestry England.

Find out more about locations within a short walk, ride, cycle or drive that can help you reconnect with yourself and the landscape.

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