Thames Chase tree planting at Tesco Extra Gallows Corner 

Thames Chase tree planting at Tesco Extra Gallows Corner 

This week Thames Chase has been out in the local community planting trees in the Tesco Extra car park at Gallows Corner, Romford. The project was a result of an ongoing relationship between Thames Chase and Tesco which began over five years ago. Swedish Whitebeam trees were selected due to their high tolerance for urban conditions and planted in the car park to help offset the emissions from cars on the site.

The trees planted, Swedish Whitebeams, have a high tolerance for urban conditions and are extra hardy against the exhaust fumes, so perfect for an avenue or car park. Despite being originally from Sweden, they are heavily naturalised in the British Isles and still provide food for wildlife like the native Common Whitebeam.

This tree planting project is a result of the unique partnership between Thames Chase Trust and Tesco which began over five years ago when Tesco were involved in helping to develop the Thames Chase Community Tree Nursery at the Thames Chase Forest Centre through the Tesco Bags of Help scheme. The Community Tree Nursery is open to the public to come and volunteer in monthly groups, and grows many species native to the Thames Chase Community Forest area. 

Today that relationship has come full circle as the Swedish Whitebeam were grown from seed in the tree nursery, alongside other native species. The saplings were planted on Thursday afternoon, and now stand proudly alongside the other trees in the car park.

As Clover Deacon, Community Champion at Tesco Extra Gallows Corner comments: 

"As a community champion it gives me a great sense of pride to be part of this Bags of Help project, when Tesco launched the Bags of Help local community grant scheme 5 years ago it was so exciting to see what amazing work Thames Chase Trust did with their £12,000 grant. When I was invited to their open day and I saw how the project had developed & was inspiring the children to plant seeds & trees, I was proud to have been part of the process of such a successful project. Bags of help has gone from strength to strength with so many community projects but what makes this so special is that a couple of these trees that have been grown from a project that started 5 years ago will now be planted in our carpark which will help our environment continue to grow."

Mary Wright, acting co-Chair of the Thames Chase Trust said, “As the representative of Thames Chase Trust who gratefully collected the generous donation raised by Tescos through their Bags of Help Scheme that helped to kick start the refurbishment of the Thames Chase Community Tree Nursery, it is rewarding to return to support the planting of the Swedish Whitebeam propagated in the now flourishing nursery. The tree nursery is run by volunteers and open to local schools, groups and individuals and is a perfect example of how the Trust can work with businesses for the benefit of local communities in line with the aims of the Thames Chase Plan.” 

If you would like to work with Thames Chase to help offset carbon emissions or combat pollution please send us an email at or call 01708 642970.

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