Warley Country Park covers 21 hectares of open space for quiet informal recreation.  The open space, which has been developed on former farmland, includes sizeable areas of naturally colonising secondary woodland, hedgerows, a stream and a pond.

The rough grassland is scattered with young tree saplings where you may see the following species of flower:  Red Clover, Rosebay Willowherb, Bristly Ox-tongue and Scarlet Pimpernel.  A variety of bumblebees and butterflies can be seen on the grassland and also Roesel's Bushcricket which is a nationally scarce species.  The pond contains Common Reed and Reedmace where Moorhen hide.  Birds and invertebrates benefit from having wood, scrub and long grass present in this complex mosaic of habitats.

The Park offers views over Weald and to St. Peter's Church to the north west of the site.  Pedestrian access can be gained from Vaughan Williams Way and Crescent Road.

Warley Hospital’s closure in the 1990’s led to the site’s conversion to housing, and the development of Warley Country Park on the hospital’s former open land. The Country Park was first opened in 2001 and has a long-term programme of enhancements to create a locally accessible facility.

Text from: http://www.brentwood.gov.uk/index.php?cid=980

Opening Times:

Accessible at all times

Features of the Park include:

  • Site Area: 21 hectares (52 acres)
  • Site Type:  Open Space
  • Site Users: Pedestrians for informal recreation
  • Path Length: 1km – Accessible
  • Parking: Nearest Car Park – Brentwood Station

Public Transport:

  • Nearest Train Station: Brentwood – 1km
  • Nearest Bus stop: 1km
  • Bus Number: First Thamesway 269

Contact information:


Vaughan Williams Way, Warley

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