Responsible with resources

We're committed to reducing the impact on our environment

Across the Community Forest, we are committed to reducing the impact we make on our environment. Much of the area has been subject to gravel extraction, with in-filling of those pits by landfill, and we're determined to reduce the need for landfill sites.

At the Broadfields, we have installed a water bottle refill tap beside the walkway, which links the Forest Centre with the bathrooms and Essex Barn.

It will be on throughout the summer and during opening hours in the winter.

In the cafe, take-away cups are now compostable - like the ones used in the Thames Chase 10k for the first time in 2019. They need to be returned to the cafe in order to be processed properly.

We also abide by the Countryside Code, which puts a strong emphasis on respecting the environment. We ask that visitors take their rubbish home with them, including any items that may declare themselves to be 'biodegradable', to be recycled or put into your bin bags at home.

Dog walkers are encouraged to use the many dog poo bins across the Broadfields site to dispose of their dogs' waste. These are emptied regularly throughout the year, and more often during the summer season, to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone coming to the forest.


If you remember this maxim for visiting the Community Forest, you'll be helping us improve the natural landscape for the hundreds of thousands of visitors every year:

Take only memories, leave only footprints.

Two minute pick

When out and about on your adventures through the Community Forest, you may wish to help enhance the landscape by taking part in a self-organised two minute litter pick. Similar to the national scheme of a #2MinuteBeachClean, a couple of minutes picking up and disposing of discarded food packaging, paper and plastic will make a huge impact on the environment and the wildlife in the vicinty.

If you visit Broadfields, ask at Reception at the Forest Centre to borrow some of our litter-grabbers and help us keep the area pristine. 

You may even wish to self-organise a litter pick for a fundraising event. Find out more about raising money for the Thames Chase Trust.

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